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Crystal Hearts Selenite Bowl

Crystal Hearts Selenite Bowl

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Selenite is popular for its cleansing properties. It naturally transmutes negative energy as well as amplify and purify the energy of other crystals and space.

Metaphysical Benefits:

✅ Cleansing and Purification
✅ Transmutes Negative Energy
✅ Promotes Relaxation
✅ Promotes Peace and Tranquillity
✅ Enhances Energy

Cleanse and Recharge Crystals:
* Ideally done on a weekly basis or once a month if seldom used/touched.
* Use Selenite to cleanse and recharge your crystals, especially jewelries by placing them overnight in a Selenite bowl

*NOTE: All information about the crystal’s metaphysical properties are for reference only, not a medical advice nor a prescription. Consult a physician or other healthcare provider for any health concern or emergencies

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